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Kelly + JulianneJoshua Tree Anniversary

Kelly and Julianne are from Singapore and decided to take a trip to good ol’ California and decided they wanted to do a photoshoot to celebrate their anniversary of 9 years. Wow thats so impressive to me. Whats even cooler is that they wanted me to shoot it! So nuts. Im so grateful. They had seen photoshoots in Joshua Tree and had fallen in love, so they were dead set on the national park.  We happened to choose the coldest and WINDIEST day of the year, so it was a little bit of an adventure, something I’m sure they’ve never experienced in Singapore before. They were troopers for sure, and will probably never want to do a photoshoot in Joshua Tree in the winter ever again. Hahaha. Either way, we got some sweet photos and I’m so happy to have met such beautiful women and blessed to have them reach out to me <3

  • steph said:

    Holy wow, this Joshua tree engagement is gorgeous! I love same sex engagement shoots and this couple looks so in love. I would kill to be a Southern California photographer!

  • Gabi said:

    Taylor, this Joshua Tree anniversary session is soooooo beautiful! I want an anniversary session here! I love the way you captured their happiness!

  • Nataly said:

    Are you kidding!!! This is so amazing holy wow. This joshua tree session is seriously goals, i would love for you to be my photographer if I was in Southern California!!

  • they are so beautiful and stylish in their leather jackets and gowns! I love this Joshua Tree engagement session so dang much, well done!

  • What an incredible Joshua Tree anniversary session!! This is definitely one of my favorite places for engagements in Southern California!

  • Oh wow! The light here is faaaantastic, and what a great couple! I love Joshua tree and this engagement session is perfection

  • I love this same sex engagement!!! So so soooo pretty!!!

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