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Here are some of the most common questions I get, so I figured Id make them public to make this process easier for you and to get everything out in the open 🙂

How do I book a session with you?  Simply go to the “Book Now” page and fill out an inquiry form! I will respond within 24 hours and figure out whats important to you, I will send over a proposal based on your needs, and we go from there! And once you decide you want to book, you will put down a deposit to secure the date and were all set.

How far in advance do I need to book? For boudoir and portraits you should book a date at least 2 months prior to when you need the photos by. We need to take editing time and possible product processing fees into consideration, depending on what exactly you are looking for. But for weddings you should be booking at least 6 months in advance 😉

Where do we take my boudoir photos? Ultimately thats up to you! But, with my expertise on lighting and aesthetic, I will help you choose the perfect location based on your needs. If you have a beautifully photogenic and well lit house or location you have in mind, great! I will just need to see photos to confirm its doable. Or, Airbnb is an amazing option! We will work together to find the perfect location that suits your style. I also work with a couple people who are kind enough to to rent out their apartment spaces for an hourly fee. They are beautiful! I can provide photos if this is something you are interested in. If you are interested in a more outdoorsy style boudoir, please inquire with that information and we will try and figure that out together, as shooting outdoors in a little more tricky, but doable 😉

Do you travel? Umm YES! Traveling is my favorite, so Im totally open to it. If you do decide you want me to travel to you, you’ll just have to cover flight, 2 night stay, and any studio rental fees.

How long is the turn over time? I take pride in how much I care about my editing process, I put a lot of love into it! Quality takes time, for portraits it is usually up to 3 weeks but no longer. Unless you are ordering prints or albums, processing time will vary. For weddings, my turnover time is usually 5-6 weeks 🙂

Can I have the raws and/or edit my own photos? Oooo honey, you do not want to ask a photographer this question 😉 This is like asking Picasso if you can paint over his unfinished project. (And no I am not comparing myself to Picasso- you know what I mean ha!). We hate this question! Its kind of offensive. We want to know you reached out to us because you like everything about our work, including the editing style! If thats not the case, id find someone who’s work you don’t want to edit yourself! As artists we care a lot about our work and that includes the editing, we don’t hand out RAWs because the editing is what sets us apart from other artists.

Will you be posting my photos on social media? Well, of course Id prefer to! Cause you’re awesome, BUT if that is something you’re totally uncomfortable with, let me know! And I will 100% respect your privacy.

When is the final payment due by? I do require a deposit upon booking, and then the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to shooting or event date.

Can you work with my budget? Although Id love to, this is how I make a living! But, I get that sometimes we just can’t afford certain things, so I do offer discounts, giveaways, and specials over on my Instagram every now and then for this exactly reason! So make sure to follow me to stay updated on this! @taylorbartram