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I’m stoked you’re here and ready to hear more about working together! Whether thats for a boudoir shoot or something else you have in mind, Im honored. If you’re looking for someone who truly cares about what they do and who wants to make you feel fucking awesome, then you’re in the right place.

If you’re just looking for a good deal or if photography isn’t THAT important to you- we might not be the best fit. And that’s totally ok! You should have the perfect photographer to suit your needs. But I want to create an experience for you, not just a fun time together. I want you to create an impact and have you walk away from our time together feeling better than before.
So if you resonate with that then reach out and let’s do this.

Boudoir and Portrait packages starting at $550

Wedding packages starting at $3,000

Elopement packages starting at $1,500

Let’s talk about money… Cause, yes its awkward. And I totally get it if the pricing you see isn’t exactly what you expected, BUT photography is more than just a one time purchase, it’s an investment. Photos literally last forever. And thats a long ass time 😉 Photographers are not just artists, we’re also business owners. Which usually means we don’t get a 401k or health benefits that come with other full time jobs, we gotta pay for everything out of our own pocket. While I’d love to be able to work with everyones budgets, it’s not always possible cause well, I gotta make a living! But you’re a human who lives on this planet too, so you get it 😉