Bucket List

My photography bucket list:

I love traveling and experiencing new places more than anything in the world. I want to see it all! So I have created a list of places that I will shoot your intimate wedding or elopement (or other sessions) massively discounted and FOR FREE. Woah, sounds crazy right? That’s how badly I want to explore these beautiful places and photograph beautiful people in them. All you gotta do is cover my travel fees and I will photograph your day for free! It’s a win-win.

There are just a few qualifications:
-must be 50 or less guests attending
-must be at a beautiful outdoor venue (or a really rad indoor venue)
-but can also be an engagement, anniversary, at home, or just for fun session!

New Zealand

Now that is just a short list of the infinite amount of places I want to visit- so if you’re getting married somewhere that isn’t on the list but you think i’d love it, please still contact me! I am open to more beautiful locations, if I listed everywhere I wanted to go you’d be reading forever 😉
So if it sounds like you qualify, or if you have any questions, EMAIL ME!!!

I also want to shoot a full blown vegan/hippie wedding, a Star Wars themed wedding, or a Joshua Tree wedding REALLY BAD, so if this sounds like you, also email me!!